Switzerland is an absolute DREAM to travel through. So here’s our easy to follow 10 day itinerary of the top places to visit in winter.

This has been at the top of our list for as long as we can remember so to be able to spend a full 10 days was absolutely unreal!


The best part about our trip was that we had a taste of everything – from cities, to skiing/snowboarding and wandering through the Alps, there is something for everyone. We had the trip of our lives, honestly, it’s been our favourite country to date and we hope you can experience the same feeling!

Before we get started there a 3 key things that should be noted prior to planning and arriving, along with other helpful tips and tricks along the way, but these 3 are essential:

  1. Do not expect everything to go to plan. The Swiss weather can be unpredictable which meant some days we had to rearrange what we were doing so make sure you’re aware of other activities that could be done instead.
  2. The transportation service in Switzerland, BLEW OUR MINDS. The buses, trains, trams, boats and funiculars made getting around the country SO easy. The frequency of them and the staff on there are super helpful and ensure you’re going where you plan to. We highly recommend getting a Swiss Travel Pass but we’ll talk about that more later on. 
  3. This itinerary is based on flying into Geneva and out of Zurich. In saying that if you fly in and out of one city, it would be super easy to catch the train back for your flight. Would just mean some reshuffling of the itinerary , which shouldn’t change it too much.

10 day Winter Switzerland Itinerary on a Map


Alrightie, lets get into it.

Jump To:
Day 1: Geneva
Day 2: Montreaux & train to Zermatt
Day 3 – 6: Zermatt
Days 6 – 8: Interlarken/Jungfrau Region
Day 9: Lucerne
Day 10: Zurich 

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