We had never even heard of Brugge until our housemates took us away for the weekend to one of their favourite European cities – and we quickly found out why. It’s a simple weekend road trip for anyone living in the UK, so that’s what we did… Packed the car up and drove to Belgium. 

That last sentence is such a bizarre concept for anything who is from Australia as it takes many many hours just to go from city to city, let alone country to country, whilst passing through another country!

We left Cambridge, UK around 2pm Friday afternoon and arrived in Belgium at 7pm, whilst passing through France. Whilst we were there we had a jam packed weekend and arrived back in the UK 7pm sunday evening.

2 days is the perfect day in Bruges and here are our top 10 things to do:

  1. Brewery tour
  2. Dinner at ribs place
  3. Cheese fondue
  4. Climb the Belfry of Bruges
  5. Boat tour down the canals
  6. Waffles
  7. Belgian chocolate
  8. Wander through the cobbled streets
  9. French fries with mayo
  10. Admire Bruges City hall

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