Going away for a weekend in Bruges? Here is your guide to the top 13 things to do in Bruges, Belgium!

Bruges is the perfect size medieval city for a weekend getaway. To be honest, our only knowledge of Belgium was based Brussels, waffles and chocolate. There is so much more to this beautiful country, including this hidden gem, Bruges (or Brugge).

Here are 12 key things to ensure you see the best of Bruges:

1 – Climb the Belfry of Bruges for the best view of the city

The Belfry tower is in the heart of the Markt Square. It’s beautiful to look at but we recommend paying the fee to climb up, the bells also went off whilst we were on the way up which was such a cool experience.

2 – Eat the yummiest and biggest waffles in Bruges – Lizzie’s Waffles

We highly recommend getting to Lizzie’s as the doors open as it’s a very popular place in Bruges. We got there 15 minutes before opening and were first in line but by the time the store opened and people were seated, there were still people lined up outside as it is a smaller cafe.

3 – Wander through the market square – Grote Markt

The Markt square is quite small but is jam packed full of popping colours and the unique triangle roofs.

4 – Take a boat tour through the canals

If you stroll 5 minutes or so from the market square, you’ll soon find the busy part of the canals where you can buy your ticket for the boat tours. Such a beautiful way to see Bruges.

5 – Stroll through the beautifully lit streets at night

After you’ve finished for the night take your time to stroll back to your accommodation. Such a peaceful way to end the evening.

6 – Eat and drink the evening away with cheese fondue and Belgian beer

We literally didn’t take one photo of our cheese fondue evening… But that’s because it was so good. DO IT!

7 – Take a brewery tour of De Halve Maan 

Views from the top of the brewery.

A must do in Bruges. Brugse Zot beer is the only beer that is brewed in the town center of the historical town of Bruges.

8 – Wander through the cobbled streets 

You could easily stroll these streets all day. Make sure you take time out of all the sight-seeing to simply just walk the streets, you’ll be surprised what you stumble across.

9 – To experience the true peace and tranquility of Bruges, ensure you get up early enough to beat the crowds

To experience the true peace and tranquilty of Bruges, ensure you get up early enough to beat the crowds

Like any city, after about 9am the streets slowly become full of tourists amongst the locals. Try get out into the streets around 7:30 – 8am to experience the quiet and quaintness of the city.

10 – Eat lots and lots of Belgian chocolate

Enough said.

11 – Visit the town hall

Right in the heart of the market square, besides Grote Markt and the Belfry tower you’ll find the stunning town hall.

12. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage 

Such a peaceful way to see the city of Bruges amongst the cobbled streets and canals.

13. Now I know there’s been a lot of eating.. But the Belgian stew is a must.

(14) – If it’s Christmas time the Bruges Christmas shops are unreal!

Take your time to stroll through the cute trinket Christmas stores. Be careful though, most don’t let you take photos inside.

The weekend we visited there also happened to be the annual Bruges half marathon, which was quite cool to see however the market square was taken over by most of the set-up from midday Saturday through until Sunday evening. Just ensure to check on any major events that may be happening when planning your travels.

If you have any queries or questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Or, just simply let us know if this guide came in handy! 

Happy travelling!

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