Hi guys, thanks for stopping by!

We’re Brandon Watkins & Nicola Handreck, just a duo who met as little 17 year-olds. 7 years later we’ve both fulfilled our dream of playing college basketball and now pursuing the dream to travel this beautiful planet! 🙂

This is our little slice of the internet where we get to share our journey with you. We’ve always documented our travels, whether that’s photos or GoPro videos but we thought what a better way to make it permanent than to put it up here and who knows, hopefully our kids can use our tips and tricks one day. If you’re new to our venture, then welcome aboard its been a pretty wild ride so far!

We both grew up on farms in small towns and played basketball our whole lives which is luckily how our paths crossed! Soon discovering we both have the same passion, enthusiasm and values in all aspects of our lives, we just kinda, clicked.

With that we both moved away from home as 19-year-olds to the US of A where we spent the last 4 and a half years, studying and playing basketball (and of course, travel where time permitted). We’re currently living in the United Kingdom in Cambridge and seeing what Europe has to offer us.

We’re a pretty small team with big dreams and on a constant pursuit for new adventure and memories! So keep on following the journey and who knows, hopefully we’ll catch up along the way.

Speak soon,
B & N x

If you want to get to know our journey a little more and find out about EuroChapter and what we plan to do with this space you can read on here 🙂

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