It’s bizarre to think we met as little 17 year-olds! 

So a little bit more about us individually first.. 

Hi guys, I’m Brandon…
Bit of a mixed background from me. I was born in Zimbabwe in Africa, then my family and I moved to a farm onNew Zealand when I was six. From there I completed my primary and high schooling in NZ and when I was about 13 I started to play basketball which I’m thankful for that as that’s how I met Nic…

Hiya peeps, Nic here!
I was born and raised in a little town in South West Victoria in Australia called Heywood. I also grew up on a farm and luckily enough also played basketball too 😉

Our relationship has been a bit of a wild ride… We did distance for 1 year while we both finished our last year of high school, so this meant flights back and forth where we could in our school holidayss. From there we both super fortunate enough to recieve scholarships to go study and play basketball in the States which is where we’ve been based the last 4 and half years (2o14-2018). Bran’s university was in North Carolina and my college was in South Carolina which was two hours apart which we were STOKED with as it was driving distance and not a flight!

In our time in America we were able to travel quite a bit on Christmas and summer holidays and especially being so close to Florida we had some pretty epic road trips down there which we’ll soon write a post for the must do’s!

It wasn’t until half through our senior year that we decided we weren’t ready to head back Down under after graduation so we booked a one-way ticket to the UK and it’s been one of the best things we’ve ever done! We both kick started our careers super quickly and we travel where we can. Our little motto is ‘one new country every month’ and so far that’s worked out for us pretty well!

Anyway guys, that’s pretty much us in a nutshell! We hope our experience and helpful tips will help your trips on this side of the planet! 

Enjoy x

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